Confident Canine Dog Training in CT


PawSafe Animal Rescue

One of our favorite rescue groups and the organization who gave us our demo dog Elly.

American Kennel Club Homepage

Danbury Animal Welfare Society

Dog Breed Info

At Confident Canine Dog Training, we are always looking for new partnerships. As our mission statement says, we are looking for a community united by our love for dogs and our desire to communicate and work better with them. The above partners have been evaluated by our staff, and in turn have evaluated us, and are trusted enough to be recommended to our friends and family. But our mission to grow our community doesn't stop here! If you are involved in the world of dog rescue, breeding, or training, we would love to hear from you! Please reach out, whether just to say hi or to start a new partnership. Together hopefully we can bring better education to the world around us!

If you as a pet owner ever have any questions relating to breed, training, grooming, adoption, or any other topic that pertains to dogs we invite you to reach out to us directly. Our combined experience spans over 20+ years in the business, and there aren't many questions we can't get you an answer to. We also have one of the most extensive networks of professionals to reach out to, so if we can't help you we can guarantee we know someone who can. Thanks again for visiting!