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Do I need an appointment for lessons?

Yes, all services require an appointment to be made. This is as easy as emailing us or giving us a phone call!

What should I have ready for classes and meet ups?

First and foremost, an open mind. We need you to be willing to learn! Other then that you should always come prepared with plenty of treats/rewards for your dog, a 6 foot long leash, and a buckle style collar. Other equipment will be specified in your pre-class instructions.

What paperwork do you require before my dog attends CCDT Events?

We value the health of all of our canine friends, and therefore require your dogs current medical records before you begin training or daycare with us. These records can be submitted via email or delivered in person (sorry, no fax!). We reserve the right to ask for a more up to date copy of these records before beginning a new session. This is all to ensure the safety and protection of all our dogs, including yours. You also must sign our standard waiver, which is available at our shop or via email.

What if I can't make a class for some reason.

We understand that things happen in life, so if you have to miss a class for a valid reason we will accommodate you as best we can by finding another class for you to make up. PLEASE NOTE that our curriculum builds on itself from class to class, so missing a single class will set you back.

What should I do before class/meet ups?

You should arrive 5-10 minute early for events to give your dog a chance to settle down and use the bathroom. Please pick up after your dog in any setting.

My dog has an E-Collar, can I use that in class?

While we do training with E-Collars in private lessons and consultations, E-Collars in group classes require prior approval from an instructor. We may evaluate your use of an e-collar during a consultation before class starts. We are committed to working with you using whatever tools will benefit you and your dog the most, but we may ask you to refrain from using an E-Collar while we refine some of your other skills.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, and credit cards. We accept Master Card, Visa, and Discover. Unfortunately due to their high fee's we cannot accept American Express.

Credit Card payments are accepted using our online payment method or in person at our shop.

All payments are final.