About Us

Our Mission: Our mission at CCDT is simply to be what we, as dog owners, want for ourselves; a community united by our love for dogs and our desire to communicate and work better with them.

Our Vision: CCDT will set the new standard for what dog training should be through our real world training and positive methods. We will not just be a dog training business, we will be an organization set to meet all the needs of prospective or current dog owners.

Our Values: At CCDT we are dog owners like you. We believe in positive, real world training. Our services are results driven because they focus not just on engaging with dogs, but also on teaching owners to interact more effectively with them.

Pupperdoodle- Helen's Demo Dog

Pupperdoodle was bought by Helen as a puppy. The first thing most people notice about her is that she is a very unique "rust" color and long nose. The second thing they notice is how fast and energetic she is! Doodle loves to work, and watching her pay attention to Helen's commands is something to be seen! On the rare occasion she isn't working Doodle can normally be found wandering around with her favorite toy in mouth or sacked out on a bed relaxing.


Envy- Helen's Demo Dog

Envy has a background as a protection dog. When Envy was retired from training she was put up for adoption to a trained handler, and Helen (who had previously owned Envy's brother) had the chance to adopt her at age 6. Now 12 years old Envy enjoys retirement and spends most days either helping keep an eye on Helen's daughter or just relaxing. Don't be fooled by her age though, her obedience skills are still fantastic!


Tommy Tuccio

Tommy joined Confident Canine in 2014. Tommy started off as a student but quickly developed a love for training itself. Tommy has already proven his training skills working with numerous dogs of different backgrounds, and starting as young as 2 months old! Tommy, with the help of his demo dog Elly, are already showing people how much better life is when owner and dog work together as a well-trained team. 

about us

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Elly- Tommy's Demo Dog

Elly was adopted as a loving 9 week old puppy from Paw Safe pet rescue, based out of Danbury CT. Elly came home with the typical issues you would expect from a puppy, including destructive behavior and the need for house breaking. Tommy and Elly started working on her training from day one, and with a little bit of work each day around meal times Elly quickly learned how to be a polite and social dog. Since then Tommy and Elly have competed and placed in Rally obedience, an experience which has been rewarding to them both.

Helen Wigzell

Helen Wigzell is the Training Director at Confident Canine. Involved in training and showing her own dogs since 1989, it is not just a job for her, but a way of life. Helen graduated University of New Hampshire in 1997 with an Associate’s Degree in Animal Science. After working as a Vet Tech for several years, Helen realized there was a real need for someone to help local dog owners build better relationships with their dogs and Confident Canine was born. Helen is lucky enough to share her passion now with her two demo dogs, Envy and Pup..

Our Mission